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Westridge Parking Policies
The Westridge Community has parking and towing policies in effect for the entire community. These are available below.
You can read the official policies that have been approved for parking in various areas of Westridge. Streets in the single-family housing neighborhood are either state roads, maintained and governed by the state and county, or privately owned "pipe stems." For guidance regarding the type of vehicles allowed to park in Westridge, see the Architectural Guidelines.

Townhome Parking Enforcement:
RESERVED PARKING SPACES: To have an unauthorized vehicle towed from your reserved parking space, call Dominion Wrecker Service at 703-730-6610. You will be required to sign a Towing Authorization Form, which may be downloaded from this website or provided by the tow truck driver.
VISITOR PARKING SPACES: Residents are not permitted to park in visitor parking spaces. Violations of the parking policies may be reported to Management by submitting a written complaint to hoa@westridgeva.com. The complaint must be signed and include specific information as to the description of the alleged violation, description of the vehicle, the date, time and, if known, vehicle owner. 
Vehicles belonging to visitors may not park in any visitor parking space on more than two days in a calendar week. Violation of this policy may be enforced by immediate towing.  Residents expecting a visitor for an extended period must submit a written request to Management at hoa@westridgeva.com and provide: make, model and color or vehicle, license plate number, and dates of stay. Requests are subject to approval by the Neighborhood Board.
Devonwood, Lakeview and Highland Chase Neighborhoods
Residents may print a Courtesy Warning and place it on the windshield of a vehicle that is observed to be parked in violation of the Neighborhood Parking Policy.  After placing the Courtesy Warning on the vehicle, please notify the Neighborhood Board of the following information: date, time, make, model and license plate number of the vehicle and the violation OR email a photo of the completed Warning Notice to the appropriate Neighborhood Board.
Click HERE to access the Devonwood Courtesy Warning

These documents are in PDF format and you will need an Adobe Reader to view and print them.